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My Piece of the Reef
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Below is my pink tipped anemone, as he met his unfortunate end at the filter intake. Once he freed himself, there was too much damage for the animal to heal, and it died. Both my anemones were purchased before I knew how diifcult it can be to keep them, even in a reef tank.


Anemones, although beautiful, readily availible, and inexpensive, can make poor reef tank inhabitants, particularly for beginners. Most species require a great deal of light, and good water quality. Many also have specific diet requirements. These creatures have a very slow metabolisim, so it is possible to buy a dying one that looks perfectly healthy and have it die in your tank a few short weeks later. Many of them are in a state of decline even before they reach your tank.  They also have a habit of roaming around the tank, attaching themselves to heaters or passing too close to pump or powerhead intakes.
Some wholesalers and hobbyists are developing tank bred and raised anemones, these tend to provide the best specimens for those interested in keeping anemones.  I urge all fellow reef keepers as well as those of you considering entering into the hobby- do your research and think carefully before adding one to your tank!