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My Piece of the Reef
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my tank is an AllGlass 55 gallon tank, previously home to a pair of lionfish. Much of the equipment from the lionfish tank is in use on the Reef tank, including 3 powerheads, and an over the back powerfilter, now used for circulation and surface skimming, as well as providing a safe home for many detrivores.


this is the protien skimmer, another important componant of the reef tank. Mine is an AquaC Remora .


The light assembly was also made by me, from 3/4 inch white pine. The lights are a vital part of the reef aquarium, as most coral is photosynthetic. Good, intense light in the proper spectrum is the key to keeping coral long term. My lights consist of two 110 watt Very High Output (VHO) flourescent lights, one actintic blue, one actintic white, powered by an Icecap 440 ballast. The lights in the center are two 65 watt PowerCompact Flourescent (PCF) bulbs, in a 50/50 spectrum (50% natural white, 50% actintic blue). The light assembly is cooled by an Icecap 4 inch fan.

Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide


I made the stand myself, with 2x4's and plywood


this is the tank with VHO only, 2 X 110 Watt URI's, 1 actinic 03 blue, 1 actinic white 12000K.


this is the tank with PCF only. 2 X 55 watt Coralife 50/50 6000K- actinic blue.


this is the tank with both VHO and PCF


This is an old hang on style powerfilter, I equipped it with a homemade in-tank overflow. This allows me to rid the surface of the water of contaminants, aiding in gas exchange. I also use it to house carbon and/or phosphate reducing filter media. ( it's not as dirty as it looks, the flash really reflected the salt on it...)